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Educational Formats

  • Traditional lectures
  • Interactive lectures
  • Workshops (one-day, multi-day)
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Educational symposia (speakers every 20-30 minutes for a defined period)
  • Educational retreats
  • TBL
  • Online discussion group
  • Podcasts/online educational seminars/webinars (may be useful for AHEC sites, may be useful for “repeating” topics for new educators, anything being done at a national level?)

Per Vickie:

“As for times…Sometimes we are limited to when the speaker can do this. We have chosen 2 different days of the week, with one at noon and the other at 4. Noon has always had better attendance (maybe it’s the lunch)!! So now we are trying same day with regularity (4th Thursday of the month). However, I suspect that we will run into speaker unavailability at some point.”