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Dr. Amy Shaheen, MD, MSc

Professor of MedicineShaheen, Amy

Dr. Shaheen is a long time educator and a current Medical Alumnae Teaching Professor. She is a general internist and a long-time advocate of ambulatory education. Her research interests include curriculum development, evaluation, and innovation. Her current projects include integrating quality improvement education into the clinical curriculum to improve patient outcomes and faculty development videos to improve teaching skills. Dr. Shaheen has taught all level of student from pre-medical to fellows. She currently serves as the Vice-Chair for the Survey and Scholarship Committee for the National Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine and as a council member for the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine. She is a mother of three children, Olivia 20, James 18, and Joey 14 and wife to Nick, a gastroenterologist. Dr. Shaheen is a rabid sports fan, especially basketball and tennis.