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Residents as Teachers Overview

2018 – 2019

Session Date Topic
Session 1 October 4th Introduction
Session 2 November 1st Instructional Methods/Technology for Small and Large Groups
Session 3 December 6th Positive Psychology Coaching for Peers/Giving Feedback
Session 4 February 7th Educational Scholarship
Session 5 March 7th Best Practices Panel & Teaching Practice

*Sessions will be from 5:30-7:00PM

Participation Requirements and Expectations

  • Attendance Attend 80% of program sessions and events, or attest to looking at material and watching recorded sessions
  • Teaching Philosophy Residents will write a Teaching Philosophy Statement at the beginning and at the end of the program.
  • Engage With A Faculty Mentor Residents will be paired with a teaching and learning mentor who will be assigned after a statement of teaching philosophy has been completed. The mentor may be from the same department but may be from a different area / department. The goal is that this relationship will be beneficial for the professional development of the resident.
  • Teaching Experience — Residents will lead a clinical skills didactic or some other educational experience using something learned in this program. Examples may include AM report, formal teaching sessions with students, noon conferences, etc. We will ask that members of the program be available to attend at least one of these events and to give the presenter feedback. Mentors should also be invited to attend these events and will be asked to provide feedback.