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Foundational Teaching Skills Curriculum

Tips to Increase Participation in Class Discussions, Foundations of Human Behavior Related to Teaching and Learning, Working Effectively with Today’s Learners, Assessing Learners, Writing Meaningful Test Questions, Tips for Clinical Teaching: Inpatient and Outpatient, The Flipped Classroom: Basic Concepts and Data from Two Perspectives, Strategies for Developing Metacognition Skills in Learners

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Advanced Community Conversations on Critical Concepts in Medicine

Residents as Teachers, Interprofessional Education, Advances in the Science of Learning: The Spacing Effect and the Power of Tests to Teach, The Active and Engaged Large Class: Evidence and Strategies, Learning Styles: Concepts and Evidence

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Visiting Professor Series

Teaching and Thinking about Problems of Science and Society as Exemplified through Antibiotic Resistance and Epigenetics, Translational Curriculum Cases, Population Health in Medical Schools, Education is Broken, New Directions in Medical Education: Competencies, Milestones, and Blending UME/GME, LGBT Health Inequities, Anxieties and Disparities, A Conversation on Mentoring, Grand Rounds Moral Imagination and the Third Year Medical Student and TEC-thics: Can Virtue be Taught?

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