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Basic Teaching Skills Curriculum

Teaching Through Simulation, Writing Meaningful Test Questions, Bedside Clinical Teaching, Delivering Feedback, Developing Goals, Objectives, and Competencies, Getting Started in Educational Scholarship, Effective Lecturing, Assessing Learners, Tips for Clinical Teaching (Inpatient and Outpatient)

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Advanced Faculty Development Curriculum

Is UNC Ready for Curricular Change? Factors to Consider, Disruptive Innovation: Implications for Educators, Teaching Through a Critical Incident Curriculum, Educational Scholarship Works in Progress, Education and Behavior Change: Measuring the Success of Our Efforts, Nuts and Bolts of Developing an Educational Research Project, Technology and Education, Crafting a Message for Publication, Evidence-Informed Teaching: Resources to Enhance the Learning Experience, Wilson Lectureship on Medical Professionalism, Ethical, Legal, & Social Implications of Science & Technology in Medical Education, Passing the Torch: Fostering Humanism Through Faculty Role Models

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Visiting Professor Series

Program Evaluation, Integrating Your Curriculum, Translating Science to Usable Knowledge for Teaching and Learning, The Darkside of Pedagogy, Frank Wilson Lecture Series

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