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Session 2: Teaching Efficiently and Effectively in the Clinical Setting
or “how to teach and give feedback without falling behind”

Beat Steiner, Sue Tolleson-Rinehart, Dick Wardrop


The session will continue discussion from Session 1 on how to be both effective and efficient as a preceptor. Several tools will be introduced to help teach and give feedback more efficiently and effectively.


At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

1.Use the 1 Minute Preceptor model when working with students

2.Use the Reporter, Interpreter, Manager, Educator model when working with students

3. Describe effective and ineffective ways to give feedback


1. Models to help us assess and teach your learners

2. Learning theory to help us give effective feeback

3. Role Plays: Practicing new skills

Preparation in Advance of Session

1. The One Minute Preceptor. Family Medicine. 2003

2. RIME framework. Academic Medicine. 1999

3. Teaching when Time is Limited. BMJ 2008

4. Providing Feeback. AJOG 2007