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Session 4: How to Find Joy in Teaching and Practice and Deal with Difficult Situations in Learning

Beat Steiner, Sue Tolleson-Rinehart, Dick Wardrop


The session will focus on how to maintain balance in teaching and clinical care and have the skills and energy to resolve the difficult situations in learning that inevitably arise. Clinicians who feel burned out are more likely to mistreat students and physicians who get joy from their work are more likely to pass this joy on to learners. This session hopes to give you the skills and background to do the latter and avoid the former!


At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

1.Describe strategies for maintaining balance in clinical work and teaching

3. Describe common difficult situations that arise in teaching ans strategies to resolve these issues

3.Describe types of student mistreatment and what we are doing as a community to eliminate mistreatment

resources to eliminate Use the Reporter, Interpreter, Manager, Educator model when working with students


1. Reflection on our own balance

2. Case discussions: Difficult situations in learning

2. Review student mistreatment issues and discuss efforts to address issue locally and nationally

Preparation in Advance of Session

1. Preceptor Strategies for Correcting Residents. Academic Medicine. 1995

2. Bring case where you faced a difficult situation in learning (either as a learner or as a teacher)