Providing Emotional Support for Caregiver Event-Related Trauma

integratedIn the wake of adverse patient events, many healthcare professionals experience caregiver event-related trauma

The Integrated Emotional Support Program (Brochure) is designed to connect healthcare professionals with emotional support resources after adverse patient outcomes. The emotional distress that may be experienced after these events can impact performance, patient safety and quality of care delivery, ability to work in a team, patient satisfaction, retention and absenteeism.

The UNC School of Medicine and UNC Health Care are committed to providing resources to faculty and staff to promote emotional support and wellness. These resources include:

  • The Taking Care of Our Own program
  • Licensing of the Mayo Clinic designed Well Being Index tool
  • Funding for programming including lectures and trainings around wellness promoting activities
  • The Integrated Emotional Support Program

The Integrated Emotional Support Program is available to healthcare professionals at UNC Hospitals who provide direct patient care OR those who make decisions that directly impact patient outcomes.