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PhD Student


Email: chaoh at email dot unc dot edu



Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, Southeast University , Nanjing, China, 02/2011-06/2014
Title: Advanced Studies of Some Statistical Inference Problems in Extreme
Value Distributions and Medical Images Analysis

MS in Probability and Statistics, Southeast University , Nanjing, China, 09/2008-01/2011

BS in Applied Mathematics, Southeast University , Nanjing, China, 09/2004-06/2008


Research Interests
Image data analysis
Imaging genetics
Statistical shape analysis
Statistics of extremes
Mixture model



Journal Papers

1. Huang C., Styner M. Zhu H. T. (2015)
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2. Huang C., Shan L., Charles C., Wolfgang W., Niethammer M. and Zhu H. T. (2015)
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6. Huang C., Lin J. G. and Ren Y. Y. (2013)
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7. Zhang K. S., Lin J. G. and Huang C. (2013)
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8. Huang C., Lin J. G. and Ren Y. Y. (2012)
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Conference paper

1. Huang C., Shan L., Charles C., Niethammer M. and Zhu H. (2013) Diseased Region Detection of Longitudinal Knee MRI Data.
Information Processing in Medical Imaging. 632-643.

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