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ID Badge request forms

Beginning Dec. 16, 2022: regarding ID Badge request forms, moving forward we are slightly tweaking the process to make things easier for those submitting requests. Moving forward, you can just let me know that you’re in need of a badge or replacement and I will take care of everything from there. There is no longer a need to send the badge form, once I receive your request I can pull your information and take it from there. I hope this slight change improves the process all around. – Steven, HR


Faculty, To effectively communicate and disseminate information to everyone that works in our department, whether they are hired through our department or some other department on campus, we are trying to capture everyone through our listservs.

Beginning June 21, 2021, anyone coming to work in our department the Principal Investigator/Faculty Member or the lab manager will need to send an email to Steven Torchio / Carolyn Clabo with the name of the person, email address, and affiliation with our department to be added/deleted to the appropriate listserv and the department website directories.

In the past, we have tried to be on top of adding and deleting people on our listservs every month so that no one is left out when important news, activities, etc., that need to be communicated to the administrator of our listservs.  We are hoping this new approach will better serve our department to include everyone that works for us.Business office

COVID-19: Resources and FAQs

University HR maintains a website with resources, guidelines, and FAQs about operations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Click here for the UNC HR COVID-19 Information and Resources website.

Website for the UNC HR training for return to campus for employees, managers, SOM HR officers, and department chairs, click here COVID-19 Carolina Campus Training

Website links for UNC EHS COVID-19 Training Protecting the Carolina community, What to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19 (see drop down menu).

Code of Conduct

Expectations of Research Advisors and Students

UNC Medical Center Employee Handbook

Professional Conduct & Ethics Policies Resources 

Additional university policies, standards, procedures, which include: SHRA, EHRA, Faculty, Postdoctoral, campus, employee policies see UNC HR Policies and Procedures website for most up-to-date information).

Other HR policies and Procedures

Please contact Steven Torchio with your questions. Please visit the UNC School of Medicine Intranet.

UNC HR COVID-19 Update: Updated work and leave provisions and vaccine information – Feb. 26, 2021

Carolina’s Office of “Ethics and Policy” will update its website to a new URL,, on April 13, 2021 to serve as the central electronic policy repository. The team is transitioning from PolicyStat to a new document management vendor, Team Dynamix, according to Matthew Teal, a University policy analyst. All University policies, excluding academic policies, will be housed on the website for UNC Office of Ethics and Policy.

Parking Permits

Please check your emails for current information on parking permits. Contact Steven Torchio

Reporting employee grievances and violence in the workplace

Forms used for reporting employee grievances and violence in the workplace are now available online on the Office of Human Resources website. Incidents submitted through these forms will be investigated by the Employee & Management Relations unit.

Virtual learning opportunities for faculty and staff

You are invited to participate in classes hosted online by the Office of Human Resources Organization and Professional Development team. Events website for UNC HR trainings.

Permanent employees can now register for professional development courses through My Learning in Carolina Talent.

Human Resources

Steven Torchio HR Consultant

Steven Torchio

Human Resources Consultant
Office: 3011 Genetic Medicine
Phone: 919-962-0539