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Chair:  Jason Haugh

The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education • Chapel Hill, NC

Hotel: Aloft Chapel Hill


Registration and Breakfast (7:30–8:30 am)

Opening Remarks (8:30–8:45 am)

I. Biophysical methods for manipulating signaling in live cells (8:45-12:05 am)
Tim Elston, Session Chair

  • Alex Deiters, NCSU (8:45-9:15 am)
    Light-Activation of Protein Function with Genetically Encoded Photocaged Amino Acids”
  • Klaus Hahn, UNC (9:25-9:55 am)
    Visualization and photomanipulation of Rho family GTPase circuits in living cells”
    Break (9:55-10:05 am)
  • Tobias Meyer, Stanford (10:05-10:35 am)
    “Local and global Calcium oscillations control the actin cytoskeleton in cell migration and secretion”
  • Denis Tsygankov, UNC (10:45-11:15 am)
    Computer vision approaches for live cell imaging”
  • Jin Zhang, Johns Hopkins (11:25-11:55 am)
    Spatiotemporal manipulation and visualization of cAMP signaling”

LUNCH and POSTER SESSION (12:05–2:15 pm)

II. Cytoskeleton and biomechanical signaling (2:15-5:35 pm)
Martin Guthold, Session Chair

  • Dennis Discher, Penn (2:15–2:45 pm)
    “The nuclear mechanostat that scales with tissue stiffness and amplifies lineage: lamin-A,C”
  • Brent Hoffman, Duke (2:55-3:25 pm)
    Visualizing Molecular Forces Across Specific Proteins in Living Cells”
  • Margaret Gardel, Univ of Chicago (3:35-4:05 pm)
    Mechanical Regulation of Cell Adhesion”

Break (4:15-4:25 pm)

  • Ken Jacobson, UNC  (4:25-4:55 pm)
    "What cell shape oscillations can tell us about cortical actin-microtubule interactions and amoeboid migration"
  • Alex Mogilner, UC Davis (5:05-5:35 pm)
    Mechanical strategies of cell movements – from 2D to 3D”


Breakfast (7:30-8:30 am)

III. Redox Signaling (8:30-12:00 pm)
Dany Kim-Shapiro, Session Chair

  • Sharon Campbell, UNC (8:30-9:00 am)
    “Modulation of Ras Activity by Ubiquitin and Redox-mediated Posttranslational Modification”
  • Chang Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences (9:10-9:40 am)
    Say "NO" to SUMOylation: Crosstalk between S-nitrosation, ubiquitination and sumoylation”
  • Jack Lancaster, UAB (9:50-10:20 am)
    Cellular Formation and Functions of Dinitrosyliron Complexes”

Break (10:30-10:40 am)

  • Lars Plate, Berkley (10:40-11:10 am)
    Signaling via H-NOX Proteins”
  • Leslie Poole, Wake Forest (11:20-11:50 am)
    Active site and interface communications regulating peroxiredoxin functions”

LUNCH (12:00–1:00 pm)

IV. Synthetic biology (1:00-4:20 pm)
Lingchong You, Session Chair

  • Nick Buchler, Duke (1:00 -1:30 pm)
    "Uncovering and building novel oscillators in budding yeast"
  • Jeff Hasty, UCSD (1:40-2:10 pm)
    “Engineered Gene Circuits: From Oscillators to Synchronized Clocks and Biopixels”

Break (2:20-2:30 pm)

  • Rob Smith, Duke (2:30-3:00 pm)
    A Programmed Allee Effect Causes a Tradeoff between Dispersal and Survival in Engineered Bacteria”
  • Jeff Tabor, Rice University (3:10-3:40 pm)
    Predictive control of bacterial gene expression dynamics”
  • Ron Weiss, MIT (3:50-4:20)
    “Synthetic biology: from parts to modules to therapeutic systems”

V. Wrap-up Session and Closing remarks (4:20-5:00 pm)
This session will be Chaired by graduate students from UNC, Duke, Wake Forest and NC State

Organizing Committee: Tim Elston (UNC), Martin Guthold (Wake Forest), Jason Haugh (NCSU), Dany Kim-Shapiro (Wake Forest), Barry Lentz (UNC), Lingchong You (Duke)