Faculty Research

A distinguishing aspect of our Biophysics Training Program is the diverse research interests of our 55 mentoring faculty. Within this diverse group of faculty, whose research interests are described below, we can roughly classify our research strengths into the areas of Structural Biology, Mechanistic Biology, Computational Biology, and Membrane and Cell Biophysics.

UNC Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Faculty members in general are problem-focused rather than technique focused. They are interested in a wide range of biological phenomena and/or medical problems. In order to approach these, they use whatever techniques are required and often collaborate with other labs to do so. Nonetheless, we know that graduate students are often interested in learning about specific techniques as they apply to biomedical science. For this reason, we classify our faculty here both according to the biomedical issues addressed by their research and according to techniques that they use to answer they questions they ask.


Biomedical Areas:

Membrane Structure and Function

Cellular Regulation and Signaling

Nucleic Acid Structure and Function

Protein Structure and Function

Drug Design and Delivery

Motor Proteins and Cellular Machines

RNA Structures