Biochem 663A and 663B

Macromolecular NMR: Theory &Practice

Campbell (coordinator,, 966-7139) Lee (lecturer;, 966-7821), and Young;  One (lecture) or two (lecture plus lab) credit hours; Lectures: 2/12/14-3/21/14 MWF 11-11:50AM, 3007 Genetics Medicine; labs: 3 hours per week in Building B (time and day TBA).  Cross listed as Chem 734.

a. Pulse NMR: Basic principles and methods

b. Laboratory: Simple experiments in D2O

c. Spin relaxation: The theory and measurement of T1 and T2

d. Laboratory: Data management and treatment

e. Spin coupling: Scalar (through-bond) coupling

f. Laboratory: A simple protein in water

g. Dipolar (through-space) coupling (the NOE) and polarization transfer

h. Laboratory: 1D NOE

i. 2D homonuclear NMR: Principles and methods

j. Laboratory: 2D COSY and NOESY in D2O and H2O