Biochem 674

Ion Channels Transporters

Instructor: Gerhard Meissner ( 3/24/14-4/25/14, MWF, Room and Time to be Determined; Offered in Even Numbered Years

A. Membrane structure: 2 lectures
Lipid and protein dynamics
B Energetics of membrane transport: 1 lecture
C Nonmediated vs mediated transport: 2 lectures
Examples: Movement of water, ionophores, D-glucose permeation
Discussion of paper
D. ATP-powered pumps:  3 lectures
Examples: Na,K-pump, Ca2+-Pump, ABC transporters
Discussion of paper
E. Membrane potentials and ion channels: 4 lectures
Examples: K+ channels, nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ion channel
Discussion of paper
F. Co- and counter-transporters: 2 lectures
Examples: 2Na+:D-glucose cotransporter, Cl-:HCO3- exchanger
Discussion of paper