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Associate Professor

PhD – Mathematics from University of New Mexico


Research Interests: Mathematical biology, mathematical modeling of biochemical systems, especially blood coagulation, and computational biofluid dynamics


I am a mathematical biologist interested in the biochemical and biophysical aspects of blood clotting and emergent behavior in biological fluid-structure interaction problems. I especially love mathematical modeling, where creativity, biological knowledge, and mathematical insight meet. My goal is to use mathematical and computational modeling as a tool to learn something new about a biological system, not just to simply match model output to experimental data. My research paradigm includes an integration of mathematical and experimental approaches, together with statistical analyses and inference, to determine mechanisms underlying complex biological phenomena. This paradigm culminates in the contextualization of my findings to both the mathematical and biological communities. My research program is focused mainly on studying the influence of biochemical and biophysical mechanisms on blood coagulation, clot formation, and bleeding, although I also dabble in the study of fluid-structure interactions between microorganisms and their environment.


UNC College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics – Computational Medicine Program
Blood Research Center
Leiderman Research Group
CB #3250 I Phillips Hall 324I


Karin Leiderman Joint faculty