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David Kaufman

Research: DNA replication in S phase of cell cycle

 Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UNC-CH

Joint Appointment in Biochemistry and Biophysics

MD/PhD – Washington University



Temporal Activation and Genomic Organization of Functional Origins of DNA Replication &
Endometrial Epithelial-Stromal Interaction in Organogenesis, Homeostasis, and Cancer

Mammalian cells are more susceptible to transformation when treated with chemical carcinogens during the early S phase part of the cell cycle. We wish to explain this vulnerability, and to determine whether DNA replicated during the early S phase might include significant targets for cell transformation. We isolated DNA enriched in sequences that replicated earlier S phase and are now characterizing cloned DNAs with respect to content of earliest replicating DNA, sequence characteristics, and ability to function as origins of replication. We are also assessing clones for nuclear matrix association, since sites of replication initiation and earliest synthesis are thought to be associated with the nuclear matrix. Our long-term goals are to understand the regulation of the onset of the S phase through initiation of DNA synthesis at early origins of replication, and to identify mutations that affect these regulatory regions. We are also studying biologic and molecular features of cancer development in human endometrium using cultured cells. Endometrial epithelial and stromal cells undergo a differentiation in culture and are being combined in culture to reconstruct this tissue. We are investigating how signaling between stromal and epithelial cells determines normal tissue structure and function and how the cells response to steroid hormones. Studies are designed to evaluate the roles of extracellular matrix and the importance of direct cell contact. Endometrial cancer may arise due to disordered signaling between stromal and epithelial cells and this hypothesis is being tested.

REPRESENTATIVE PUBLICATIONS PubMed(click for Full Publication List)


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Lab Contact:

Lab Rooms: 620B Brinkhous-Bullitt

Lab Phone: 919-966-3137