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17 black chemists

Black chemists you should know about (2019 CEN)

These inventors, educators, and unsung heroes changed lives through their work in chemistry.

The ASBMB Presents a History of Black Scientists (2019)

1,000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America (Dec. 28, 2020) Cell Mentor

100 Inspiring Hispanic/Latinx Scientists in America (Sept. 15, 2020)


Every year since 2016, Asian Scientist Magazine compiles a list of Asia’s most outstanding researchers.

12 Asian Scientists and their Impact on STEM

BenchSci blog May 16, 2022 article by Shelby Reaburn

Academic Citations Evolve to Include Indigenous Oral Teachings (Eos org.) Nov 9, 2021

A librarian has developed citation templates for oral teachings shared by members of Indigenous communities.

BIOMEDICAL SCIENTIST Demographics And Statistics In The US (Zippia)

How Asian American and Pacific Island Researchers Are Contributing to the Future of Science (May 2021)

3 Pew-funded scholars reflect on their work and role in expanding diversity in their fields

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