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Our student organized Ice Cream Social took place on Monday August 2, 2021 at Chapel Hill Ben and Jerry’s. It was a good time to connect before classes start back up!

Dr. Silvia Ramos spoke to our group about our upcoming diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Ice Cream Social at Chapel Hill Ben and Jerry's

Social events are not only for our graduate students in our programs. Department members, faculty, office staff, lab members, postdocs, research staff, rotation students, collaborators, undergraduate students in our labs, and incoming BBSP students at UNC are welcome to attend our social and professional events. We invite you to join us!

Ice Cream Social at Chapel Hill Ben and Jerry's sitting togetherAnnouncing our 2021-22 BCBP Student Social Chairs

Also if you have any suggestions for events or feedback, please leave an anonymous comment here on the BCBP Social Events General Feedback form.

Link to the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics events calendar