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Ruth Ella Moore
Dr. Ruth Ella Moore

Beginning on February 1, 2021 SBBA has been featuring black scientists and mathematicians daily on their Instagram account.

“Though many of us celebrate Black History 365 days out of the year, we are still very happy to pay homage to the many who have come before us and paved the way during this time! Each day this month we would like to highlight various black men and women who have made phenomenal contributions in STEM.

Many of the men and women that we will highlight didn’t consider themselves superheroes or legends in their own right, as many of us currently see ourselves. We hope that the stories of each person inspire scientists at any stage in their career to continue persevering, because HIStory (or HERstory) is still being written…✊🏾‼️

Dr. Ruth Ella Moore, an American bacteriologist who in 1933 became the first African American woman in the U.S. to earn a PhD in the natural sciences. She also became the first African American to join the American Society for Microbiology.”

Other highlights include: Marie Maynard Daly, Katherine Johnson, Percy Lavon Julian, Janina Jeff, Ronald McNair, Dorothy Vaughan, Walter Lincoln Hawkins, Gladys Mae West, Edward Alexander Bouchet.

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