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photo collage with 8 people and famous places on UNC campus

Perhaps you’ve read the emails or seen the ads pop up in your social media feeds. Maybe you’ve received a postcard in the mail or heard about it on the radio.

But just in case you haven’t heard the news:

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, is GiveUNC, UNC-Chapel Hill’s annual day of giving! (continue reading UNC News “GiveUNC is March 28” )

a day like no other give unc 3 28 2023 image of old wellIt’s #GiveUNC! This is a great opportunity to support our mission to perform transformative biochemical & biophysical research in an inclusive & stimulating training environment & inspire tomorrow’s cures by decoding the molecular basis of life. Support our student fellowship fund.

We are asking for your financial help to support our biomedical graduate students with a fellowship and an emergency fund to help with their unexpected expenses. Link to the Biochemistry – J. Logan Irvin Graduate Fellowship (303058).

For additional Biochemistry and Biophysics Funding opportunities, please visit search in the “Find Your Cause,” then choose the all funds “biochemistry” in the dropdown menu to support your area of interest. Need ideas: visit our BCBP Giving page first.

Carolyn M. Clabo background of Turkish tile work at Sancar center
Carolyn M. Clabo

Please give Today, March 28 before 12 midnight (ET). Special thanks go out to our alumni for supporting future biomedical academic and industry leaders with the graduate student fellowship fund #303058!

Thank you!

Carolyn M. Clabo
Director of Development and Communications

UNC Giving Live phone support M-F, 8-5 EST (919) 537-3818