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UNC Biochemistry and Biophysics department’s Town Hall and Inclusive Gathering unites us. Dr. Jean Cook and Dr. Qi Zhang guided our event. We host monthly Inclusive Gatherings right after our first seminar, fostering community and shared fellowship. Thank you to our leadership and committee volunteers for creating a welcoming environment in our unit. There will be a follow-up meeting on May 24 at 4:00 PM in the same location: 3007 Genetic Medicine Building to discuss developing campus events and updates.

town hall by Jean Cook and Qi Zhang on May 14, 2024

potluck after an important meeting diverse students and faculty and others eat at a shared table

Our 2024 celebrations:

First inclusive gathering to celebrate the New Year, Black History Month, Women’s History month / Women in STEM, Arab heritage month, Jewish heritage month (shown above), Caribbean heritage month, Eastern/Southeastern Asian culture celebration, South Asian culture celebration, Hispanic/Latin American heritage month, LQTQ+ history month, Native  American heritage month, and end of year holiday party.