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The UNC-Chapel Hill COVID-19 Dashboard helps us track and analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the overall health of our campus community and our ability to appropriately respond to change during these unprecedented times. The dashboard is updated daily Monday – Friday and pulls data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive illustration of health trends and operational capacities across campus, as well as stay updated on COVID-19 data relevant to campus, local and state communities.

The University is now sharing information about COVID-19 clusters exclusively on the Carolina Together COVID-19 Cluster Notifications page and on University social media handles and no longer utilizing the Alert Carolina Emergency Notification system for these updates. This change in our communications in no way diminishes the University’s sense of urgency in ensuring that this information is shared in a timely, transparent and accessible fashion. The Alert Carolina Emergency Notification system is meant to communicate the most critical and urgent information for the safety of the campus, and we are following best practices in its use.

Website is located at Carolina Together COVID-19 dashboard.