Gary Pielak, PhD


  • NIH Directors Pioneer Award
  • Glen H. Elder, Jr. Distinguished Term Professor of Research and Undergraduate Education



My goal is to understand the chemistry of biopolymers as it occurs in living cells. This knowledge is fundamentally important and essential for ensuring that simple, inexpensive in vitro experiments can be used with confidence to uncover the fundamentals of biology as well as to diagnose and treat human disease.

Cells contain an exceptionally complex array of macromolecules at concentrations exceeding 300 g/L. The natural, most relevant state of a biological macromolecule is thus a "crowded" one. Such crowding has been predicted to impact rates and equilibria dramatically, and it is likely that some parameters measured in dilute solution – especially those relating to ligand binding, intermolecular association, and folding equilibria – differ by orders of magnitude from biologically relevant values in cells. Moving quantitative biophysics from dilute solution to the inside of living cells represents a major frontier of biomedical research.

Core Techniques:

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Circular dichroism spectropolarimetry, Analytical ultracentrifugation


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