For a Master’s Degree (M.S.)

BIOC 701

Required course

BIOC 702 & 703

Required course

BIOC 711

Required course

BIOC 505

BIOC 601

BIOC 631/632

BIOC 643/644

BIOC 655

BIOC 650 – 678

From theses core courses, a minimum of two 3-credit hours is required (a combination of 1- and 2-credit modules satisfies 1 core course requirement)

BIOC 993/994

A minimum of 3- and a maximum of 6-credit hours per semester

Total Credit Hours

30 credit hours minimum of graduate level courses

Residence Credit

2 full semesters required

Initial Oral Defense

Only 1 exam is required, the student decides which one

Written Exam


For more information on Master’s Degree requirements, please refer to this section of the Graduate School Handbook.