Welcome Megan DeMarco our new Pre-Award Grants Manager

Megan DeMarco

Megan DeMarco, our new Pre-Award Grants Manager, is currently working on generating proposals with several Biochemistry & Biophysics faculty.

Two biochemistry and biophysics grad students awarded NSF Fellowships

(left to right) Hanna Trzeciakiewicz and Candice Crilly

Congratulations to Candice Crilly and Hanna Trzeciakiewicz for receiving Predoctoral Fellowships from the National Science Foundation!

Grad student Seth Zimmerman receives his PhD

Seth Zimmerman, PhD

Seth successfully defended his dissertation and received his PhD on March 17, 2017.

UNC research helps answer why genetic mutation leads to decreased triglycerides in blood

Cassandra Hayne

Cassandra Hayne, working with Saskia Neher, PhD, found that a specific mutated version of a lipoprotein binds more effectively to liver cells, thus explaining decreased levels of triglycerides in blood.