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Postdoctoral Fellow

Flick Lab
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Research Interest: My research project is focusing on the role fibrin(ogen) in Staphylococcus aureus infection. S. aureus is a gram-positive bacterium that is a common cause of infections and it is know for having evolved a variety of mechanisms to engage and manipulated components of the coagulation cascade, specifically, fibrinogen. Interestingly, our group has found that S. aureus – fibrin(ogen) interactions play a context depending role in infection. In a mouse model of peritonitis, we found that fibrin(ogen) is critical for the host response against S. aureus through a mechanism involving fibrin(ogen)-bacteria and fibrin(ogen)-macrophage interactions. However, in a mouse model of sepsis, the opposite is true where fibrin(ogen) is detrimental of the host and facilitates greater organ colonization resulting in increased tissue damage and inflammation. Moving forward, I am working to describe the therapeutic potential of fibrinogen gamma prime in a mouse model of sepsis as it is missing a critical binding site for S. aureus.

Photo of Oscar Negron