iBEAT: Infant Brain Extraction and Analysis Toolbox
UNC Infant 0-1-2 Atlases
UNC 4D Infant Cortical Surface Atlas
Atlas Construction Toolkit Using Sparse Representation
Software for ABSORB: Atlas Building by Self-Organized Registration and Bundling
Software for MABMIS: Multi-Atlas Based Multi-Image Segmentation
GLIRT (Groupwise and Longitudinal Image Registration Toolbox)
HAMMER ITK Implementaion
4D Atlases Construction
InterGroup Image Registration
aBEAT: A Toolbox for Consistent Analysis of Longitudinal Adult Brain MRI
MABMIS for Slicer 4: Multi-Atlas Based Multi-Image Segmentation
Skull Stripping Toolkit
Prostate CT Segmentation
Multi-atlas based Segmentation Editing Tool (SegEditing)
LRTV: Image Super Resolution Toolkit