Paul Dayton


Associate Professor
Departments: Biomedical Engineering (primary) | Eshelman School of Pharmacy (secondary)

Research Interests: Contrast enhanced ultrasound and ultrasound mediated therapeutics. Ultrasound applications in oncology.

Dr. Dayton’s research involves developing new technologies for imaging blood flow, microvasculature, and molecular markers using ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents. Several of Dr. Dayton’s recent contributions to the field include techniques to improve the sensitivity and consistency of ultrasound imaging through optimization of contrast agent size distribution, the demonstration of high-resolution, high- SNR ultra broadband imaging, and techniques for real-time molecular imaging. An additional area of interest is ultrasound-mediated therapeutics with micro and nanoparticles. Dr. Dayton’s primary interest is in developing and applying tools for non-invasive assessment of angiogenesis progression and tumor response to therapy.


Recent Publications (via PubMed)