Small Animal Facility News for 2016

Publication Acknowledgement
Instructions to acknowledge the SAI facility in your publications.
9.4T MRI Fully Functional
The small animal MRI system is again open for business.
IVIS Optical Imaging Updates
Two of the IVIS optical imaging systems recently underwent upgrades.
iLab Update
The BRIC is using iLab for all scheduling and billing functions.
New VivoQuant Software
The Small Animal Imaging Facility recently purchased VivoQuant software from Invicro.
SAI Core Grant Support Update
The SAI facility is partially supported by two external grants, the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) and a Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE) Grant from NCI.
Preclinical PET imaging with [18]F-PBR111 on neuroinflammation
The Zylka and the Jewells groups look at neuroinflammation with PBR111 PET imaging on animal models of neurological diseases.
Upcoming Optical Imaging Training
The SAI facility offers monthly optical imaging training sessions on the first Monday of each month.
Contrast enhanced high resolution CT imaging on tissue specimens
High resolution and high tissue contrast CT imaging on tissue specimen is being performed at the SAI facility using new tissue preparation protocols.
2016-2017 BRIC SAI Facility Holiday Schedule
See our holiday staffing schedules.
New PET imaging probes
The BRIC Cyclotron core makes more PET imaging probes for research studies.
CFAC support to SAI Facility
The SAI Facility recently received a grant from CFAC.
New Imaging Rates
The SAI facility will be changing its imaging rates in the new year.
Triangle Imaging Symposium on 03/15/2017
The BRIC will host the 2017 Triangle Imaging Symposium