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PerkinElmer Quantum GX2

The Quantum GX2 microCT scanner is a true multispecies preclinical imaging system, offering the flexibility to enable longitudinal in vivo imaging as well as ex vivo sample scanning.

Main Imaging Features

  • High resolution (2.3 micrometer voxel size)
  • High-speed (scans as fast as 3.9 seconds)
  • Two-phase retrospective respiratory and cardiac gating
  • Seamless co-registration of functional optical signals (from IVIS® Spectrum) with microCT imaging data
GE eXplore CT120

High-performance, high-throughput small animal In Vivo MicroCT scanner designed for high-quality scanning for a wide variety of applications. It is designed to help visualize, quantify, and characterize anatomical parameters in small animals such as mice and rats.

Main Imaging Features

  • High Ct resolution (up to 50um) with respiratory gating
  • Allows for multiple bed scans for whole body images
Scanco uCT40 Specimen CT

The SCANCO µCT 40 scanner is a high resolution desktop cone-bean X-ray scanner designed for specimens with a top resolution of of 6 µm. In addition to the high resolution capabilities, it also offers a larger specimen size (36 mm diameter, 8 cm specimen length).

  • Highest resolution available at 6 µm (2000 projections per rotation, 2048 x 2048 pixels)
  • Bone density calibrated so perfect for bone or dental study
  • Software offers complete 64-bit imaging solution, online/offline reconstruction, sophisticated 2D/3D evaluation, 3D-visualization/animation, and archiving data

Imaging Applications and Examples

In-Vivo Gated Lung CT

  • Imaging lung fibrosis in mouse model using in vivo CT (PI: Gang Chen)
In-vivo Gated Lung CT

  • Longitudinal CT imaging to monitor lung tumor growth in transgenic lung cancer model (PI: Chad Pecot)
Ex-Vivo High Resolution Lung CT

  • Non-fixed, ex-vivo, inflated rat lung scanned at high resolution (PI: Tom Egan)
In-Vivo Contrast Enhanced CT

  • Contrast enhanced in vivo CT imaging to demonstrate tumor angiogenesis in mouse model.
High Resolution Specimen CT

  • High resolution specimen CT of bone regrowth in rat model (PI: Patricia Miguez)

Other Sample studies

  • Bone regrowth after implant
  • Multiple dental applications (microfractures, implants, crown effectiveness, anatomy, etc.)
  • Arthritis models
  • Contrast enhanced soft tissue scans (i.e. embryo, cartilage, muscle, etc.)
  • Calcification in human cardiac arteries
  • Bone density loss in calvaria
  • Vascular and alveolar imaging
  • Materials testing

Study Initiation, Training and Scheduling

Training is not available on these systems.  To initate a CT imaging study, please send an email to to schedule a meeting and register your project by following the study initiation link.  You can also see our study initiation page for more details.