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The SAI has Two CT options to cover all CT needs ranging from specimens to whole animals with high resolution to high throughput.  Below are the systems that we offer.  We also offer a full array of analysis options including bone density, bone volume, trabecular and cortical bone variable calculation and 3D image preparation.  Please contact us at or call 919-966-2855 with questions about your study.

GE eXplore CT120


High-performance, high-throughput small animal In Vivo MicroCT scanner designed for high-quality scanning for a wide variety of applications. It is designed to help visualize, quantify, and characterize anatomical parameters in small animals such as mice and rats. Its table design, versatile bed mount and built-in software support allows image registration with other imaging modalities.

Sample Studies

  • Nasal passage dimensions
  • Contrast enhanced lung imaging
  • Contrast enhanced tumor imaging
  • Skeletal anatomy and morphology
  • Materials testing

Main Imaging Features

  • High Ct resolution (up to 50um) with respiratory gating
  • CT X-ray source energy: 70 to 120kV
  • CT X-ray current: 0-50mA
  • Bore diameters 30mm for mouse, 75mm for rat
  • Modified Feldkamp conebeam reconstruction
  • Allows for multiple bed scans for whole body images



MicroCTThe SCANCO µCT 40 scanner is a high resolution desktop cone-bean X-ray scanner designed for specimens with a top resolution of of 6 µm. In addition to the high resolution capabilities, it also offers a larger specimen size (36 mm diameter, 8 cm specimen length).

Sample studies

  • Bone regrowth after injury or implant
  • Multiple dental applications (microfractures, implants, crown effectiveness, anatomy, etc.)
  • Arthritis models
  • Contrast enhanced soft tissue scans (i.e. embryo, cartilage, muscle, etc.)
  • Calcification in human cardiac arteries
  • Bone density loss in calvaria
  • Vascular and alveolar imaging
  • Materials testing
Main Imaging Features
  • Highest resolution available at 6 µm (2000 projections per rotation, 2048 x 2048 pixels)
  • Bone density calibrated so perfect for bone or dental study
  • CT X-ray voltage 50-70 kVp
  • CT X-ray current 150 µA
  • No shielding required
  • Detector 2048×252 elements, 24 µm pitch Resolution 6 µm nominal, 9 µm (10% MTF @ 12 mm Ø)
  • Specimen Size up to 38 mm in diameter, 80 mm in length
  • Software offers complete 64-bit imaging solution, online/offline reconstruction, sophisticated 2D/3D evaluation, 3D-visualization/animation, and archiving data


Training is not available on these systems.  Please contact Hong Yuan at or the SAI at to initiate a study.


Please contact Hong Yuan at or the SAI at to initiate your CT imaging study.  Also, please see our study initiation page for more details.

Sample Images