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Imaging Applications and Examples

Cancer Research

18FDG PET imaging indicating lymphoid tumorigenesis in transgenic tumor mouse model expressing P16 (INK4a). (PI: Ned Sharpless, MD)(Blood, 2011)
Whole body PET/CT imaging with 89Zr-Df-Bz-F19 antibody to image fibroblast activation protein (FAP) positive tumor model. (PI: Thaddeus Wadas) (Molecules, 2020)

Hypoxia iaging using 18F-HX4 in brain tumor.  PET/CT  images were co-registered to brain MR images (PI: Hong
Yuan, PhD)

Imaging four mice in one imaging session with a multi-animal imaging cradle.
Imaging neuroinflammation with 18F-PBR111 in cuprizone treated mouse model of multiple sclerosis (PI: Valerie Jewells) (Diagnostics, 2021)
PET/CT imaging with 11C-UCB-J to map synaptic density in Tat+ transgenic mouse model (PI: Sylvia Fitting)
Dynamic uptake of 11C-UCB-J in mouse model
PET/CT imaging with 18F-T807 to map Tau protein in Alzheimers Disease mouse models
Drug Delivery
PET/CT imaging with Zr-89 labeled protein to map the PK and biodistribution in mouse models (PI: Sam Lai)

PET Imaging Probes

Pet probes can be obtained either fro commercial vendors or from the BRIC Cyclotron and Radiochemistry facility.  The following are some common PET probes available upon request:

Probe Target molecule Functionality/Pathology
18F-FDG Glucose Tumor/inflammation
18F -FLT Thymidine kinase Cell proliferation
18F -FMISO Nitroimidazole Tumor hypoxia
18F -FES Estrogen Breast cancer
18F-Fallypride D2/D3 Dopamine receptor Dopamine receptor imaging
18F-FDOPA L-DOPA Dopamine synthesis
18F -T807 Tau protein Alzheimer
18F-PBR111 TSPO protein Neuroinflammation
11C-S1PR1 Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor Neuroinflammation
11C-Choline Phospholipid synthesis Cancer (prostate, brain)
11C-Acetate Acetate Lipid metabolism
11C -Raclopride D2 dopamine receptor Dopamine receptor imaging
11C-PIB b-Amyloid Alzheimer
11C -CB1R Cannabinoid Receptor Neuropsychiatric disorders
11C -UCB-J Synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A Synaptic density imaging
11C -AMT Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-1 (IOD1) Immune response; Serotonin system
64Cu Labeling for various compound
89Zr Labeling for various compound


Study Initiation, Training and Scheduling

The majority of PET/CT imaging studies are conducted with SAI staff support.  To initate a PET/CT imaging study, please send an email to to schedule a meeting and register your project by following the study initiation link.  You can also see our study initiation page for more details.


The current internal rate for PET/CT imaging and staff support is $120/hr and $35/hr.  Imaging time is highly dependent upon the study protocol so please contact the SAI for budget information.  You can also see our rates at this link.