GE eXplore Vista

PET.jpgThe GE eXplore Vista small animal PET/CT system provides high sensitivity functional imaging along with anatomical images within a single instrument. The 7cm bore is suitable for mice and rats up to 400g. Both static and dynamic studies are possible with time-uptake analysis. Currently, 18F-FDG, Cu-64, and 124I are approved and available for use, but studies requiring other longer-lived positron emitters may be discussed.

Main advantages of the system include:

  • The nature of good quantitation and functionality in PET imaging allow studies for tumor biology, pharmacodynamic studies of new drugs, such as effect on blood perfusion, drug efficacy, and pharmacokinetic studies.
  • Dual-layer phoswich PET detector module.
  • Depth-of-interaction technology
  • Dual Ring PET scanner, 18 detectors per ring
  • High resolution; Axial resolution of about 1.2 mm in the center of FOV
  • Axial field of view of 4.6 cm
  • Transaxial field of view of 7 cm
  • CT X-ray source energy: 4kV-50kV
  • CT X-ray current: 0 – 1 mA
  • FBP, 2D-OSEM reconstruction algorithms available for PET imaging

Sample Images: