GE eXplore speCZT system


The GE eXplore speCZT system is the first full-ring solid-state detector small animal SPECT/CT system. The system is featured with: Solid-state CZT detector technology, Stationary, full-ring, 10 detector design, Interchangeable, rotating cylindrical collimators (Multi-slit with 80mm axial FOV, full 360-degree coverage, and multi-pinhole with high resolution, full 360-degree coverage).  To talk to us about SPECT/CT imaging please contact us at or call 919-966-2855

Main advantages of the system include:

• High sensitivity and improved dynamic imaging and low activity (<1mCi) scan capabilities with full ring detector;

• High energy resolution from the CZT detector with gating

• Multi-isotope studies. The system will be highly beneficial for drug biodistribution studies, cardiac studies, and other molecular imaging studies.

• High resolution: Central spatial resolution 1 mm with mouse pin-hole collimator

• Four collimators:

o Mouse-Slit collimator: 55mm axial coverage x32mm diameter

o Mouse-Pinhole collimator: up to 250mm axial field of view, 32mm transaxial field of View

o Rat-slit

o Rat-pinhole

• High Sensitivity : .05% – .1%


Sample Images