Learn More about how our facility can help your research with a guided tour and in-depth demonstrations between 3:15-5:00PM in the Small Animal Imaging Facility located in Marsico Hall, SB210.

Instructions for Lab demo/Tour:

  1. To avoid possible overcrowding in each imaging lab at one time, the registrants are assigned to one of the three touring groups. The group number is indicated on your badge. The demo order for each group is shown in the following table.
  2. The lab tour will start at 3:15pm. Please follow the schedule listed in the table for each designated group.
  3. Each lab will have a coordinator to perform the imaging study or introduce the system according to the following schedule.

Safety Issues:

  • Due to high magnetic field in the MRI lab, all individuals are not allowed entering the magnet room SB221A. Please feel free to check with the coordinators if you have any magnet safety related questions.
  • We will have live animal demo with some of the modality. Please do not touch animals, because you are not included in our animal protocol.

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