North Carolina Blast Injury Education Program

Response to an event involving an explosion requires a unique knowledge and skills set to manage effectively and efficiently. The safety concerns, injury patterns, triage and treatment characteristics and the high profile nature of these events requires the responder to be thoroughly prepared. This program is designed to educate the emergency responder in the assessment, initial management, triage, and transport of patient(s) who are involved in a blast event. This program will provide training on specifically how blast events should be managed in the North Carolina Trauma and EMS systems. This program will build on knowledge in hazardous materials and WMD that the responder has previously obtained and will use an all hazards approach to blast management so that all potential causes of an explosive event (terrorism, natural, accidental, etc.) will be covered. This short form will allow the North Carolina Burn Disaster Program to track the distribution of this program and in the future send program updates to previous program participants.

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