SOAR - Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery

In 2001, the Burn Center was one of the first six hospitals across the country to implement the SOAR training program. Since then, the Aftercare staff has continued to train burn survivors as peer supporters.  The Phoenix Society designed SOAR to prepare burn survivors and family volunteers to offer one-on-one support to other burn survivors and their loved ones.  The Burn Center staff understands the importance of aftercare support and has also been trained in the program. Peer supports work with the staff and visit the center as well as offer community-based support.

Peer support is a win-win situation for all involved.  Many people who successfully recover from a burn injury can find purpose by helping others see themselves as burn survivors.

A structured volunteer training program enables survivors and family members to support others throughout the recovery process.  We are looking for volunteers to come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, make phone calls, email support, and help with support groups.

For more information contact:

Chaplain Shirley Massey
Adult Aftercare