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My laboratory investigates the regulation and function of disease-linked proteins, with a specific focus on post-translational modifications (PTMs). PTMs involve biochemical reactions that alter the structure, function, interactions, localization, and abundance of cellular proteins. During homeostasis, PTMs, such as phosphorylation and glycosylation, enable cells to respond to stimuli and adapt to changing conditions. In disease states, altered expression or activity of PTM on/off enzymes, leads to aberrant protein regulation. Therefore, understanding PTM mechanisms can yield novel therapeutic targets and markers of disease activity. We pursue translational projects in this space, with an emphasis on two specific areas: (i) Regulation and function of the enzyme CD73 in liver homeostasis, chronic injury, and cancer and (ii) Regulation and function of glial intermediate filaments in pediatric neurodegenerative diseases.

Snider, Natasha