Scott Hammond, PhD

Associate Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill

Education and Training

San Jose State University, BS, 1993
SUNY Stony Brook, PhD, 1999
Genetica Inc, Postdoctoral, 2002
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Postdoctoral, 2002

Areas of Interest

1. The role of microRNAs in differentiation and disease.

Over 800 microRNA genes have been identified in the numan genome. Using expression profiling technology that my lab developed, we identified microRNAs that exhibit dynamic expression changes during embryonic development and in numerous cancers. We are currently studying the role these microRNAs play in differentiation pathways and in self-renewal.

2. The regulatory events that control microRNA production.

MicroRNA expression can be controlled at transcription, at several points in the multi-step biogenesis of the mature microRNA, and at turnover of the mature microRNA. We have uncovered several of these key regulatory events for the Let-7 family of microRNAs. Our current work is focused on expanding our knowledge of these regulatory events to other microRNA families.

3. Novel non-coding RNA/protein interactions.

MicroRNAs are the most studied regulatory RNA; however, recent work has uncovered vast numbers of novel regulatory RNAs. We are currently developing genomic and proteomic tools to discover and characterize these novel RNAs and their protein partners.