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Our Mission

The mission of the CSIP Training Program is to develop a diverse pool of responsible, rigorous scientists who have the skills to investigate the integrative, regulatory and developmental physiology of higher organisms and their organ systems by elucidating the functional cellular components of these processes and furthermore, can transition these skills into a wide variety of careers in the biomedical workforce and overall society.

CSIP Learning Objectives

We plan to achieve this mission by focusing our training on 6 major training outcomes (see Figure below), which are aligned with the NIH/NIGMS focus area of Systems and Integrative Physiology:
“Training in this area should be directed toward building the broad research competence required to investigate the integrative, regulatory and developmental processes of higher organisms and the functional components of these processes. The goal of these programs is to train scientists who will use a diversity of experimental approaches–from the molecular and cellular to the behavioral and computational–to understand integrated and complex biological problems.