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The Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) at UNC Chapel Hill is an umbrella application and first-year training program for bioscience Ph.D. students. With just 1 application BBSP students have access to over 350 research faculty affiliated with 14 different Ph.D. programs across the UNC campus. The BBSP provides individualized advising, a close-knit community, and professional skills training during the first year to establish a solid foundation for students. The Ph.D. programs selected by BBSP students at the end of their first year provide comprehensive scientific training at the highest level.

BBSP students must complete three eleven-week lab rotations during the first year. They can choose from over 300 laboratories in any of the 14 participating Ph.D. programs. At the end of the first year, students choose their thesis lab from one of their lab rotations and typically matriculate into a Ph.D. program with which their thesis advisor is affiliated. Summer rotations before the first year officially begins are an option for interested students. Most students typically identify their thesis lab in April or May of this first year.  The Cellular Systems and Integrative Physiology (CSIP) Training Program is open to 1st and 2nd year graduate students in the multidisciplinary, interdepartmental Cell Biology and Physiology Curriculum at UNC.

  • A call for CSIP T32 applications will be sent out to students by the Training Program in Cellular Systems and Integrative Physiology administration in late April or early May (after students choose their thesis lab).
  • Potential T32 trainees will discuss the application with their thesis mentor and submit the application materials by the designated deadline.
  • Notification of Trainee acceptance into the CSIP T32 Training Program will be sent to students no later than June 30th. The program will begin on July 1st through June 30th of the following year.
  • Trainees chosen for the CSIP Program (and their mentors) will then be oriented on the expectations of the student and faculty
  • Re-appointment applications are reviewed by the CSIP Steering Committee or an ad-hoc selection committee of faculty as a competitive renewal with new applicants. Re-appointment will be contingent on the fulfillment of the requirements of the initial appointment and the continued fit with the CSIP. Re-appointment for a 2nd year to the CSIP program requires a new application, with the additional inclusion of the student’s most recent IDP. Re-appointment recommendations will be confirmed by the CSIP Executive Committee.

2021 CSIP T32 Application