Zylka news

UNC research tabbed as a top autism breakthrough of 2013
The work of Mark Zylka, PhD, and Ben Philpot, PhD, is featured by Autism Speaks in its list of 10 major advances in autism research in 2013.
News and Observer profiles autism research in Zylka and Philpot labs
"Discovery at UNC points to possible environmental cause of autism"
Mark Zylka, NIH Pioneer awardee, discusses his path to autism research
Zylka outlines how he started studying brain enzymes, the details and implications of his research, and what motivates him.
Simons Foundation highlights recent article by Philpot and Zylka
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative features recent findings by Ben Philpot and Mark Zylka in its news article, "Autism genes are surprisingly large, study finds."
Ben Philpot, Mark Zylka, colleagues find potential cause of autism
August 2013 - Findings published in the journal Nature outline the effects that key enzymes called topoisomerases can have on the genetic machinery behind brain development.
Mark Zylka awarded 2013 Hettleman Prize
August 2013 - The Ruth and Phillip Hettleman Prize recognizes the achievements of outstanding junior tenure-track faculty or recently tenured faculty.
Zylka lab's Bonnie Taylor-Blake wins first place in Art of Science competition