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Neil Alexis, PhD.


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Educational background: Dr. Neil Alexis received his MHSc. in Industrial Hygiene Engineering and PhD in Environmental Medicine from The University of Toronto. Subsequently, Dr. Alexis did Post-Doctoral Research training at UNC Chapel Hill/US EPA Human Studies Facility. He is currently a Professor, in the Department of Pediatrics, UNC Chapel Hill, and Director of the Applied Immunobiology Laboratory and PI of the Human Sample Biorepository at the UNC CEMALB.

Dr. Alexis’s research interests focus on 1. examining the health effects of air pollution in individuals with pre-existing airways disease, and 2. Examining underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms of airways diseases such as asthma, COPD and CF. In particular, he is interested in the inflammatory and innate immune response in the airways and how these responses contribute to adverse responses following air pollutant exposure as well as play a role in disease severity. He has focused on the use of induced sputum as a primary sampling tool for measuring cellular, biochemical and genetic outcomes in the airways of human subjects.

Publications (chronological order):

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