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Study Title



*TCORS 18-50 Smokers
*Snoz 18-45 Healthy Individuals with mild asthma
Endoscreen 18-50 Healthy Individuals and mild asthmatics
Smokescreen 18-45 Healthy Individuals and mild asthmatics
Gammoz 18-50 Mild Allergic Asthmatics
Nibl 18-75 Variable
Endoheart 18-50 Qualify through endoscreen
Salty 18-60 Moderate to severe asthma
General Screen 18-60 Variable
Mitescreen 18-45 Dust Mite Allergic Asthmatics
Cinnamcc 18-40 Healthy individuals and E-cig or Juul users
Promis 8-17 Uncontrolled or partially controlled asthma
VitalFlo Correlative 12-21 Asthmatics
ORBEX Children 6 Months to 18 Months Healthy children with increased risk of wheezing and asthma
Smokey T 18-25 Qualify through smokescreen


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