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Myles Helfand interviewed Associate CFAR Director Myron Cohen in a series for The Body.

In a short video interview with The Body, an HIV/AIDS-specific service of Remedy Health Media, Dr. Myron Cohen, MD, Associate CFAR Director & International Core Associate Director,  shares a personal anecdote about a patient whose wellbeing was rapidly transformed with the introduction of antiretroviral therapy (ART).

“It was an amazing realization that this medicine, which we’d been told could stop the replication of HIV, I was seeing it before my eyes, and that was really something I’ll never forget.” -Myron Cohen

Myron Cohen interviewed for The Body

This interview is part of a series of interviews conducted by Myles Helfand on behalf of The Body.  Helfand asked HIV care providers to share anecdotes about the most inspiring moments in their careers.

He also interviewed Dr. David Wohl, the Co-Director of the North Carolina AIDS Training and Education Center (NCAETC) and Dr. David Margolis, the Director of the UNC HIV Cure Center and Principal Investigator at Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication (CARE).