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UNC CFAR Co-Director Ron Swanstrom with Dr. Michelle Floris-Moore

Michelle Floris-Moore, MD, MS delivered the Norma Berryhill Distinguished Lecture, on 20th June 2024, in honor of the late Ada Adimora, MD, MPH.

Dr. Floris-Moore started by sharing insights into why Dr. Adimora  dedicated her career to addressing HIV disparities. Dr. Adimora was motivated by her early exposure to the disparities in the HIV epidemic that she observed as a young faculty member in NYC and later in NC.

Dr. Floris-Moore discussed how Dr. Adimora’s  research led to insights into   the factors that drive disparities in HIV acquisition and the HIV care continuum, especially the impact of social, economic, and structural factors on HIV prevention and care. While Dr. Adimora’s work was global she was especially passionate about understanding the drivers of HIV disparity among women in the US and among communities in the Southern US.

In closing Dr. Floris-Moore asked an important question: How do we move forward to address persistent inequities in HIV?  She suggested that Dr. Adimora’s life and research has helped pave the way for other HIV researchers to understand what is needed for a robust effort to decrease the disparate impact of HIV on disenfranchised communities. To use Dr. Adimora’s own words:

“… It’s easier in many ways to do what’s right. Do what you like, what’s important, and what’s right.”

Dr. Floris-Moore encouraged all of us to follow Dr. Adimora’s charge, “Go out there and do what’s right”.

To view the full lecture, click here.