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Fluidigm BioMark HD Services:
  • Delta Gene/TaqMan Gene Expression
  • TaqMan SNP Genotyping
  • Digital PCR

The BioMark HD is an automated, high-performance PCR/qPCR system that uses microfluidics technology to process samples at nanoliter-scale volumes for gene expression, genotyping, sample identification, copy number variation analysis and digital PCR. Ideal for labs performing PCR on hundreds to thousands of samples, the Biomark HD provides significant cost and time advantages over alternate technologies. With a wide range of integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) formats available, scaling from mid- to high throughput on a single system is easily achievable.



BioMark HD System

How to start a project:

Pease contact Gabrielle Cannon to arrange a consultation and complete a sample submission form. Standard service begins with user-submitted cDNA. The Core may be able to provide RNA isolation/cDNA synthesis service for an additional fee. Users can supply their own TaqMan/Delta Gene assays or choose from the Core’s TaqMan library. The Core is also able to order discounted TaqMan probes on the user’s behalf.

Pricing estimates:
BioMark HD Service UNC/NCSU/CGIBD Member Price**
Flex Six Gene Expression (per partition) $550
48.48 Gene Expression (per IFC) $1,900
96.96 Gene Expression (per IFC) $3,400
192.24 Gene Expression (per IFC) $2,700
qdPCR (per IFC) $1,040

* Price estimate for standard service from cDNA, including chip, chemistry, and labor.

** Investigators affiliated with UNC, NCSU, or the CGIBD receive a ~35% discount

Other BioMark services are available. Please contact Gabrielle Cannon to receive a quote.

Submitting Samples:

Users may contact Gabrielle Cannon, Genomics Research Specialist, to schedule an appointment to drop off samples. All samples should be dropped off in the AA Core’s MBRB laboratory.

AA Core MBRB Laboratory

Medical Biomolecular Research Building (MBRB)

Room 4331

111 Mason Farm Rd

Chapel Hill, NC 27599