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· Everyone entering an AA Core workspace is required to wear a mask.

· In-person contact, both between core personnel and non-core personnel, will be minimized as much as possible.

· Non-core personnel will not be allowed to enter AA Core lab space unless expressly instructed to do so by core staff.

· Customers must contact core personnel to coordinate the details of each submission.

· All drop-offs and pick-ups must be scheduled with the appropriate contact: Gabrielle for the Core’s 4331 MBRB location, and Carlton for the 030 Glaxo and 4347 MBRB spaces.

· Submission forms will only be accepted electronically.

· Consultations and project details will be discussed virtually prior to drop-off.

· Drop-offs and pick-ups will be conducted outside, near an agreed upon entrance, for users from other buildings. MBRB users will be met at the 4th floor elevator area.

· Non-core personnel must wear face masks when interacting with core personnel.

· Core personnel will use designated containers for transport when accepting and returning customer materials. The containers will be sanitized after each use. Materials accepted will be sanitized as much as is possible without damaging samples/reagents upon receipt. Materials to be returned will be sanitized immediately before leaving the core.

· There may be situations in which non-core personnel will be required to enter an AA Core lab space. They must wear face masks and wash hands/use hand sanitizer upon entering and before exiting the core.

· Delivery personnel will be asked to leave all packages in the hall to minimize the number of people entering the core.