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Professor, Dept. of Surgery, Division of Surgical OncologyDept. of Pharmacology

Research Summary

Jen Jen Yeh is a surgical oncologist. The goal of her laboratory is to identify novel therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer using a combination of bioinformatics, molecular and translational approaches including patient-derived tissues and innovative mouse model studies. She has identified and validated prognostic molecular signatures for patients with localized pancreatic cancer. More recently, her group has expanded computational approaches to focus on deconvoluting the complexity of different tissue compartments that influence genomic analyses of patient samples. She has identified two distinct tumor subtypes in patients associated with patient outcome. Both subtypes exhibit differences in their kinase activation profiles. The next step will be to evaluate subtypes in relation to treatment response in both preclinical and clinical trials.

Relevance of Research to CGIBD Mission:  Jen Jen Yeh is a surgical oncologist with a research focus on pancreatic cancer. She and members of her lab have taken advantage of various enrichment activities of the CGIBD.

CGIBD Focus Area(s):         Clinical/Translational Research 

Collaborators:                      Allbritton, Azcarate, Keku

Jen Jen Yeh