The 2018 CGIBD Research Competition application portal is now closed, and finalists have been selected. The highest rated abstracts will be presented on April 12, 2018 from 4 PM to 6 PM in 1131 Bioinformatics. Click here for more details

2018 CGIBD Research Competition Finalists:

Name Title
Ormar Martinez Uribe Increased Gastrin Responsiveness After Injury in Esophageal
Submucosal Glands
Muyiwa Awoniyi MDR2/IL-10 Double Knockout Mice, a Unique Model to Explore the Complex Enterohepatic Interactions Between Primary Scelrosis
Cholangitis and PSC-Associated IBD
Amanda Ziegler Neonatal Defect in Musosal Restitution is Rescued by Juvenile
Mucosal Homogeneate in a Pig Model of Intestinal Ischemia and Repair
Kortney Wager Sox9EGFP Expression Levels Mark Distinct Populations of
Biliary Epithelial Cells
Jennifer Claytor Body Image Dissatisfaction in Pediatric Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Elaine Glenny An Alternate Day Fasting Regimen Selectively Targets Intestinal
Lihua Ye Gut Enteroendocrine Cell: A Novel Bacteria Sensor
Benjamin Keith Colonic MiR-31 is a Molecular Stratifier and Prognostic Determinant of Adult and Pediatric Crohn’s Disease
Breanna Sheahan Preservation of Murine Intestinal Stem Cells and Lack of
Pro-Inflammatory Gene Expression After Prolonged Antimicrobial
Administration in Doxorubicin-Induced Damage Model
Karel Alcedo Ecto-5′-nucleotidase (CD73) Mediates Hepatocyte Sensitivity to
Alcohol and Alcoholic Liver Injury in Male Mice
Jeff Yang Cost-Utility of Screening for Renal dysfunction to Detect the Onset and Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease Among Elderly Patients
Treated with Proton-Pump Inhibitors