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The Center for Genomics and Society

Connecting people interested in ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of genomic research since 2007.

News and Events

  • ELSI Friday Forum | Dec 10. 2021

    New ACMG Guidance on Carrier Screening: More or Less Equitable? Next-generation sequencing capabilities have enhanced general population carrier screening by expanding the number of genes and variants on carrier screening panels. Professional recommendations are shifting towards universal screening, that is: screening that is not limited to populations by race or ethnicity and more inclusive of … Continued

  • Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Gene-Environment Interaction Research

    Virtual Workshop January 11 – 12, 2022 This jointly supported NIEHS/NHGRI virtual workshop is meant to explore ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) in research endeavors related to gene-environment interaction (GxE) and genetic susceptibility to environmental exposures. As funding for more biomedical and behavioral research to explore those interactions increases, potentially novel ELSI issues are rapidly emerging. The … Continued