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The Center for Genomics and Society

Connecting people interested in ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of genomic research since 2007.

News and Events

  • Beyond the Medical: Genetic Testing for Social Traits

    CGS Webinar | Friday, Dec. 9, 2022 | 11:00am CT / 12:00pm ET — In traditional predictive genetic testing, single gene variants are analyzed to determine whether individuals are at high risk of developing disease. The vast majority of diseases, however, are polygenic—caused by many different genes. Polygenic risk scores (PRS) hold promise to predict … Continued

  • ELSI Friday Forum | Dec. 9 | 12p ET

    Genetic Advantages in Sports: When Do They Count as “Doping”? —– What is the essence of sports, and how does that impact the way doping is defined? The sports world is already preparing for an inevitable wave of “gene-doping” as gene-transfer technologies advance and become more widely available to all ages. On the one side, … Continued