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The Center for Genomics and Society

Connecting people interested in ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of genomic research since 2007.

News and Events

  • ELSI Friday Forum | March 8 | 12p ET

    The Impact of Dobbs on Emerging Reproductive Technologies —– Join us on Friday, March 8, 2024 at 12pm ET for the next ELSI Friday Forum session: The Impact of Dobbs on Emerging Reproductive Technologies, with panelists Sigal Klipstein, MD, FACOG (InVia Fertility Specialists; University of Chicago), Judith Daar, JD (Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University), and … Read more

  • ELSI Friday Forum | Feb. 9 | 12p ET

    Twisted Helix: Can Public-Private Partnerships in Large-Scale Genomic Projects Be Fair and Equitable? —– Biotechnological innovation almost always entails all three strands of the triple helix: academia, government, and industry. This is increasingly true for large scale genomics and biomedical research projects such as the Human Pangenome Reference Consortium, and the Earth BioGenome, Human Cell … Read more